Cured Meats

Sardinian Cured Meats

Sardinian & Italian cured meats - salami, prosciutto, pancetta, coppa, lonza, guanciale, mortadella

At Isola Buona we’re followers of the slow food movement! Whether it’s our delicious cheeses, delightful wines, exquisite meats or charming sauces, we believe in taking the time to bring out the full flavour of our ingredients. It starts with free range and organic farming. Our animals are raised on untouched organic pastures rich in native herbs and mixed grasses, and that’s why we’re especially proud of our organic range. We respect our animals in life and value their meat as a quality artisan product. Take our lean, organic, free range Prosciutto for instance. Cured for a minimum of 12 months using respected ancient methods to create a unique and intense flavour. A great essential for any kitchen is our organic Pancetta due to its versatility. Why not try it with some of our rustic pasta and organic sauce, or have a go at putting it on your pizza? When it comes to looking for something special to show off your culinary skills, our Salsiccias are the perfect ingredient for a truly authentic Sardinian pasta dish. Perfect all year round our meats are great in a sandwich, on pizza, in pasta or simply to eat as part of your sharing board with cheese and Pane Carasau.

Cured Meats

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