Organic Pearl Barley 500g


Organic pearl barley is the ancient cereal we are proud to promote on our shelves. This fundamental grain has been a global staple ingredient for thousands of years and there’s no reason we shouldn’t love it just as much today. 

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Organic Pearl Barley - Rice and cereals 

Barley was among the first cultivated grains much like wheat. High in fibre it’s a fantastically healthy carb choice for those looking to feel fuller for longer which can ultimately lead to weight loss. 

This historical grain has also been proven to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels; it really leaves little to feel guilty about. 

The idea of barley being pearled makes it easier to cook. It’s great for absorbing liquid and commonly cooked in broths and stews to add that hearty quality, but why not have a go at using organic pearl barley as a substitute for risotto rice

Add in one of our sauces such as red chicory cream for a creamy and natural flavour.


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100% Organic Pearl Barley
Free from allergens

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