Italian Rice

Italian Rices: Carnaroli, Venere, Ermes.

Authentic Italian Rice: Carnaroli, Venere, Ermes

The Italian rice with 150 varieties is among the most famous in the world for its organoleptic and nutritional properties and is a very popular food in Italian cuisine. Rice accompanies many recipes and adapts, depending on the type, to different cooking methods: risotto, soups, timbales, savoury pies etc. Rice is also one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet, a World Heritage Site. In our shop we offer you three types of Italian rice: the classic Carnaroli, a special white rice with a long grain belonging to the class of "superfino" rice also known as the "king of rice", the Venere rice which is a black rice from the medium grain rich in nutrients, minerals and proteins and Ermes a red brown rice which is a non-GMO cross between two varieties of rice: Black Venus and Asian Indica. Rice can also be used in many recipes of typically Italian desserts such as cakes, fritelle and puddings. In short, be ready to open up your imagination in the kitchen with our authentic and certified Italian rice.

Italian Rice

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