Fig Balsamic Glaze 150ml


Our fig balsamic glaze is the best way to include the depth of summer into your home cooking.

This balsamic glaze is ready to be served over dishes as it is or added to cooked meats, fish and melted cheeses. 



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Fig Balsamic Glaze - Classic balsamic vinegrate of Modena

Figs are the sweets of the trees collected from May to June in Italy and this natural essence makes a balsamic reduction perfect to generously zig zag this glaze over a traditional caprese salad on a warm day or brush it over your barbeque meats. 

For a truly refreshing light lunch, pour thin lines over a cherry tomato and rocket salad with slices of our smoked sword fish and smoked tuna.

Made from recipes refined to perfection over 400 years the Giusti family are celebrated globally for their excellence in balsamic vinegar production. 

Beautifully bottled, our balsamic glazes don’t just look great in your own cupboard but are also a perfect addition for gift hampers alongside a range of our Sardinian pecorino cheese.


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Balsamic vinegar of Modena 60% (wine vinegar, cooked grape must),sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, modified corn starch, cooked grape must, fig puree 5%, natural flavour.
Contains sulphites

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