Truffle Oil 250ml


This luxury truffle infused extra virgin olive oil is the perfect choice for gourmet cuisine. Drizzle it over your finest recipes for a truly professional finish to your meals.



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Truffle infused extra virgin olive oil 250ml

If you're searching for the gourmet experience of a truffle infusion to add to your dish, look no further than our luxury truffle oil. With a spray top you can precariously decorate you favourite pasta, pizza, flatbread, salads, fries and so much more. 

We don't always want to commit to fully adding whole truffle fragments to a dish, rather just looking for a lifting essence and this bottle is here to serve. 

You'll find this delightful oil making it's way to the centre of your table for lavish dinner parties with friend and family.


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100% extra virgin olive oil, truffle aroma
Free from allergens

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