Italian Sauces

Italian cooking sauces.

Organic Italian cooking sauces: tomatoes, pesto, artichokes, walnuts and fish

Nothing says authentic like stirring up some of Italy and Sardinia’s all-natural sauces. Produced in small batches for quality and perfectly preserved, if you’re looking to add some Sardinian spirit to your dishes, then have a go at experimenting with our charming sauces, made with simple ingredients to invent an extravagant flavour. We’re bringing the essence of Mediterranean home-made cooking to your kitchen. Our sauces are prepared with the finest seasonal elements and organically produced ingredients. Organic foods are universally known for their positive impact on the environment and the dinner table and we have something to please every palate. From smooth vegetarian pastes like artichokes and walnuts, to bright and zesty tomatoes sauces and even some with a fishy goodness. Don’t forget to check out our organic pesto as well. The natural quality of our sauces makes them a perfect seasonal pairing with cheeses, cured meats and Pane Carasau, or simply enjoy their unique flavour with your favourite pasta all year round!

Italian Sauces

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