• Fregula with red chicory cream and ricotta salata cheese
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Organic Red Chicory Cream 120g


Looking to refresh your pasta or risotto recipe? Then take a chance with our organic red chicory cream. Ordinarily, red chicory is a rather niche product in home cooking with it’s bitter and spicy taste, but after some careful roasting this cream adds a zesty freshness to any dish. 

Take a look at this simple and delicious recipe recommended by our Chef Antonello: Fregula (Fregola), red chicory cream and ricotta salata.




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Sauces and condiments - Organic Red Chicory Cream

Less seen here, red chicory is a typical ingredient of authentic Italian cuisine so you can be sure this paste will add some honest Italian essence to your recipe.

It’s no surprise that red chicory is such a beloved vegetable in Italian recipes as it boasts a number of health benefits. Not only fat and cholesterol free and low in calories it is also sporting some proud vitamins and minerals. It’s a recognised source of fibre and even contains inulin which studies have shown to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce risk of heart disease.


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120g jar
Red Chicory * 78%, onion * 4%, extra virgin olive oil *, apples *, lemon juice *, sea salt, bay leaf *, pepper *, nutmeg *. *ORGANIC PRODUCT
Free from allergens

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