Organic soya ragù 190g



Our delightful organic soya ragu is the perfect vegan cooking companion, and you guessed right … It’s organic! A mainstream ragu would typically be a meat and tomato based sauce widely used in Italian cooking but we believe such a stunning product should be enjoyed by everyone.



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Ready to use pasta sauce - Organic soya ragù

Ragu has deep rooted ties to Italian cuisine dating back to the 18th century. It’s more easy to recognise when we think of a classic bolognese sauce. 

When we think about italian cuisine we tend to go straight to pasta and pizza, however Italians keep an enthusiastic love for beans and vegetables which tend to find their way into an extensive array of recipes. 

Like other beans, Soya beans are just as well appreciated and said to have been cultivated in Italy since the 1700’s. However unconventional, our organic soya ragu is still ready to boost your recipes with authentic Italian essence.

Leading by example our plucky soya ragu is a great choice for a vegetarian lasagne or stirred through a pasta dish. 


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190g jar
Tomatoes * 70%, SOYA * 10%, carrots *, onions *, extra virgin olive oil *, CELERY *, aromatic plants *, sea salt, nutmeg *. *ORGANIC PRODUCT

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