Organic Smoked fish sauce 200g



Looking to venture into new culinary territory? If you enjoy fish in tomato sauce, then our organic smoked fish sauce offers you that little bit extra.



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Ready to use pasta sauce - Organic Smoked fish sauce

Fish dishes are some of Sardinia's most famed recipes and this sauce upholds the tradition.

All the ingredients of the smoked fish sauce are 100% natural, organically grown and packed with flavour too. Organic Tomato, extra virgin olive oil, capers, garlic and onions provide a superb accompaniment to the rich taste of the smoked swordfish, tuna and marlin in this sauce.

It's preservative-free and prepared with care by hand just as if you'd created it in your own kitchen. It tastes just as fresh too.

Try it with our Sardinian-grown premium brown rice, pappardelle pasta or your own special favourite from our pasta selection. The main thing is to ensure that the smoky, oceanic flavours of the fish in this sauce are savoured to the full.

A sauce so tasty calls for a glass of good wine, too. Our Vermentino Renabianca or Blu Vermentino di Sardegna, for instance.


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200g jar
Tomato *, EVO oil *, capers *, onions *, smoked swordfish, smoked tuna, smoked marlin, garlic *, salt, sugar. *ORGANIC PRODUCT
Swordfish, Tuna, Marlin (FISH).

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