Organic Red Pesto 120g



In Sardinia we are all about family, and here at Isola Buona we’ve kept the whole family together.

The Sicillian cousin to the classic Ligurian pesto also sits proudly on our shelves. 



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Ready to use pasta sauce - Organic Red Pesto

Our organic red pesto is just as popular as our other varieties of italian cooking sauces.

After one spoonful you might be taken over by the enticing aromas and depth of flavour and we’d like to give credit to the sun-dried tomatoes. A proud typical product of Sicily, they really are the true taste of the mediterranean sun as they are carefully preserved in a traditional method  to enhance their intense flavour.

Although they have their differences, our organic red pesto can be used in many of the same ways as our other pestos. Have a go at brightening up your lunch with a spoonful of red pesto and a spilling of cooking water to help it coat our artisan Linguine pasta


Data sheet

120g jar
EVO oil *, tomato* 22%, dried tomatoes * 20%, CASHEWS *, pecorino * ( sheep's MILK *, rennet, salt), Genoese basil PDO *, Parmigiano Reggiano * PDO ( MILK *, rennet, salt), garlic *, pine nuts *, sea salt, wine vinegar *. *ORGANIC PRODUCT
Cheese (MILK). Cashew (NUTS).

Specific References

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