Organic Porcini Mushroom Cream 120g


Our organic Porcini mushroom cream is a fantastic vegan recipe that everyone can enjoy. Blended with subtle flavours of onion, sea salt, garlic, parsley and lemon juice with extra virgin olive oil it’s amazing to spread on crusty bread and sprinkled with a grating of our ricotta mustia for a delicate yet crunchy appetizer. 



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Sauces and Condiments - Organic Porcini Mushroom Cream

You can also use it in pasta or risotto for a creamy and earthy essence. Try it with our organic Taccone and add your favourite seasonal vegetables and finish with some cracked black pepper and shavings of our matured pecorino tipo fiore sardo to complement.

Globally praised as a gourmet edible and famously found in Italy and with a high protein content porcini mushrooms are a great alternative to meat. With a nutty earthly taste porcini mushroom cream is a graceful addition welcome in many recipes. Whether for a delectable appetiser or healthy light lunch this little porcini pesto cream has got you covered. 


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120g jar
Porcini mushrooms (38%)*, mushrooms*, onions*, EVO oil*, parsley*, sea salt, garlic*, lemon juice*, nutmeg*, black pepper*. *ORGANIC PRODUCT
Free from allergens

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