Organic Cream of Walnuts 120g


You can find a spoonful of heaven in our vegan friendly, organic cream of walnut sauce. High in protein and made only with carefully selected raw materials this sauce is keeping it natural all year round.



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Sauces and condiments - Organic cream of walnuts

In central Italy it would prove difficult to find a field without one or two walnut trees tucked away in many fields and woodlands of farmers. The beginning of autumn strikes up much excitement for Italian home cooks as the Walnuts are ready for harvesting and, freshly picked, sold by the sack on road sides and markets. They are commonly used in many festive recipes and desserts but also for main dishes. It is said that walnuts could have been the first type of nuts cultivated in Italy and research suggests we owe thanks to the Romans for bringing them to Britain.

The delicate autumn notes make this sauce ideal for colder months when you’re looking for something creamy and mouth watering. A perfect coating for our pappardelle ribbon pasta or simply spread on a toasted bread. Either way, it’s delicious especially with some of our Ricotta mustia grated on top.


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120g jar
NUTS * 61%, extra virgin olive oil *, capers *, sea salt. *ORGANIC PRODUCT

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