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Organic Basil Pesto 120g



Our outstanding organic basil pestoghiotto (pesto) comes from the home of pesto, Liguria. We believe that all our products should taste as fresh and unique as if you had just made them yourself to a traditional recipe.

That's why we've chosen the finest quality organic basil pesto from Liguria as part of our range to accompany our equally special pasta products. Look at the recipe recommended by our chef Antonello! (link ricetta da aggiornare)



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Ready to use pasta sauce - Organic Basil Pesto

It's the superb ingredients that make this pesto so delectable. Pecorino and parmegiano cheese, walnuts, pine nuts and cashew nuts are coarsely blended with the best organic extra virgin olive oil, salt and garlic. The result is an exceptional pesto that will give plain pasta a scrumptious lift.

It's delicious on toast or pane carasau, too. 

Pesto is a speciality of Liguria, the part of Italy that borders the Bay of Genoa. Liguria is famed both for its fish dishes and for its use of herbs in cookery. Basil is the king of herbs here for its slightly peppery hint-of-mint and anise aroma and wonderfully warm flavour. There's no herb quite like basil, and there's no pesto quite like our organic basil pesto!


Data sheet

120g jar
Extra virgin olive oil * 36%, CASHEWS *, Genoese basil DOP * 25%, NUTS *, Pecorino * (sheep's MILK *, rennet, salt), Parmigiano Reggiano DOP * ( MILK *, rennet, salt), sea salt , pine nuts *, garlic *. *ORGANIC PRODUCT
(MILK). Cashew, Walnuts (NUTS).

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