Organic Artichokes and Walnut Sauce 170g


Our organic artichoke and walnut sauce captures the fresh flavour of in-season artichokes and combines it with the delectable savoury taste of walnuts. The result is a gourmet treat with a melting creamy texture. It's made with 100% organic products that are completely fresh, meaning that not only do the ingredients taste as natural and wholesome as they should, but also preserve their essential nutritive qualities.

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Sauces and Pestos - Organic Artichokes and Walnut Sauce

This unusual sauce is a firm favourite with vegetarians and vegans, who love the rich and tempting flavour with its hints of lemon and bay leaf. It's a versatile product that anyone can enjoy and offers a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen.

Try it on bruschetta, our pane carasau or even toasted bread for an instant snack or quick lunch that will definitely make you feel special. Alternatively, use it to create a baked dish in the oven with your favourite meat. Walnuts and artichokes make a superb accompaniment to grass-reared organic Sardinian beef.

You'll find walnuts growing throughout Italy, but especially in the south. Artichokes grow well in our Sardinian soil. Organic artichokes and walnuts sauce is complemented best by many of our island wines, particularly those with just a hint of sweetness.


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170g jar
Artichokes * 73%, extra virgin olive oil *, NUTS * 12%, lemon juice *, wine vinegar *, sea salt, bay leaf *. *ORGANIC PRODUCT

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