Squid Ink 90g


Our Squid Ink with spaghetti or linguine is a sublime recipe for those who love the flavours of the sea.

With its elegant simplicity, it's one of the essential evergreen dishes of our culinary tradition.



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Squid Ink - Fish Sauce

Our Squid ink sauce is one of our most aesthetic ingredients. Not just there to create beautiful dishes though, the naturally briney flavour is perfect to compliment many fish and vegetables. Why not have a got at throwing it in with our artisanal durum wheat linguine, cherry tomatos and shellfish of your choice for a perfectly mediterranean expereience. Or keep a jar handy for autumn to bring a spooky darkness to your own recipes. 


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90g jar
Cuttlefish ink, water, salt, thickener: E415 xanthan gum .

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