Smoked Swordfish 100g


Caught on the traditional long-line of Sardinian fishermen our authentic smoked swordfish makes an exceptional treat. These ancient methods of our ancestors ensure nothing but the best quality fish are selected.

Traditionally, the swordfish were smoked over firewood from the strawberry tree, just as they are today. This shrub grows in abundance around the Mediterranean coastline and bears fruits that resembles strawberries, although it is not related to the strawberry plant. 



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Smoked Swordfish - Tasty Smoked Swordfish

The fruits of this lovely tree are still used in folk remedies and cookery, and images of it appear in European art. Folklore has it that the Phoenicians, who were the great Mediterranean fish traders of antiquity, introduced this method of smoking to the island of Sardinia.

Smoked swordfish makes a delicious appetizer to a meal, served on a simple bed of rocket salad with lemon and a drizzle of olive oil. It's naturally low in fat, and rich in the fish oils that are viewed as an essential part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Try it with all kinds of bread, including our pane carasau.

For a final touch crack some black pepper and compliment with a glass of dry white wine such as our Renabianca Vermentino.


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100g approx
Swordfish, salt, natural smoke.
Swordfish (FISH)

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