Organic Nocellara green olives 310g


Our organic Nocellara olives shine with natural Mediterranean goodness and not only are they a delicious table appetiser they are full of health benefits. These crisp and luscious green olives come from the sunny island of Sicily and have become worldly popular for their juiciness and vivid colouring.

These olives are the variety that reminds us olives are in fact a fruit. A well-balanced and easily digestible food that help our bodies to absorb important vitamins renowned for their amazing effect of skin, eyesight and bone strength.

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Organic Nocellara green olives - Italian antipasti 

Sweeter than some other olives they are a delicious snack, terrific in salad and pasta or for and appetizers with our crispy music paper bread, cured meats, cheese and vegetables in oil.

If you looking to bring a little taste of the Mediterranean to your next get together, why not open up a jar of these delectable olives and pair them with our lightly sparkling Palmi white wine.



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310g jar
Olives *, water, sea salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid *ORGANIC PRODUCT
Free from allergens, Gluten free

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