Organic Black Olives 310g


Our organic Peranzana black olives are a stunning choice for any aperitif. With a sweet and balanced flavour, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular table olive. Grown in a particular area of Puglia with a ridge terrain and wide rivers, these olives are gifted every opportunity to absorb and reflect a fuller taste.



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Organic Black Olives - italian antipasti

Preserved whole in water and sea salt this raw ingredient is perfect to be used in anyway you like. Pair them alongside your salad, starters, mains or simply keep them as they are. Olives are a staple snack fruit in Mediterranean cultures not only for their slightly savoury quality, but they are rich in Vitamin E and other invigorating antioxidants.

The Mediterranean obsession with olives has led science to conduct studies into just how healthy these delightful and simple little fruits can be. Not only are they fantastic for maintaining heart health but they are also proven to protect against osteoporosis and cancer. There’s no reason you shouldn’t keep a jar handy for those days when you need a healthy snack.


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310g jar
Olives *, water, sea salt, lactic acid *ORGANIC PRODUCT
Free from allergens, Gluten free

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