Organic Artichokes in Oil 120g


Artichokes preserved in the traditional way are now even better. Vegan friendly and certified organic this little jar holds the secret to tasting the best of Italy’s vegetables all year round. A proud staple in Italian cupboards they are gently seasoned with seal salt, lemon juice, bay leaf and pepper.

These precious arichoke hearts add some surprising flavour and sustenance to any recipe.



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Organic Artichokes in Oil - vegan friendly - Italian antipasti in oil 

Although artichokes are famously eaten as part of an antipasti collection, they are also popular on a pizza or flatbread. The delicate flavour and texture are perfect for dressing up meat fish and vegetarian combinations.

Why not keep it simple for everyone to enjoy with some black olivesour organic sundried tomatoes and our organic young pecorino toasted on flat bread or pizza. Chopped finely they are also a welcome guest in a pan with onion, tomato, toasted fregola and our organic basil pesto


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120g jar
Artichokes * 70%, extra virgin olive oil * 27%, wine vinegar *, sea salt, lemon juice *, bay leaf *, pepper *. *ORGANIC PRODUCT
Free from allergens, Gluten free

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