Olive cream - Crema di Olive 190g


If you’re looking for a luxury appetizer take home a jar of our artisanal cream of olives. Olives make up a huge part of the Mediterranean diet with their consumption dating way back to before biblical times and standing strongly in the eyes of Italians as a symbol of vitality and health.

This cream of olives is the perfect representation of just how versatile and beloved the noble fruits are. Easy to spread on bruschetta or on our music paper bread, an appetizer has never felt so wholesome.

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Olive cream - Crema di Olive - Italian antipasti in oil 

Prepared and packaged by hand this delightful cream has all the characteristics of homemade food and great for impressing friends and family.

Although fabulous with your antipasti this cream has so much more to offer as a condiment for pastas and pizzas too.

They creamy yet subtly salty flavour will compliment any ingredient, we recommend sitting a jar next to a sharing board of cheese, vegetables in oil and Pane Carasau for a truly inspiring Italian lunch.


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190g jar
Olives, extra virgin olive oil, seed oil, spices.
Free from allergens, Gluten free

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