Asparagus cream - Crema di asparagi 190g


Asparagus cream is the luxury antipasti spread that every get together should have.

Meticulously puréed asparagus with an addition of capers, anchovies and extra virgin olive oil make this creamy condiment a powerful yet refined savoury flavour.

Ideal for spreading over our crunchy music paper bread of for dipping some fresh crudités, this moreish speciality will have you coming back for more. 

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Asparagus cream - Crema di asparagi - Italian antipasti in oil

A delicious and highly versatile creamy consistency with a thick and pulpy texture; this cream is a superb idea to make an appearance in your pasta or risotto for the creative home cook.

Why not add a few spoons into a creamy white sauce with our pappardelle ribbon pasta and some fresh green vegetables for a light lunch with a zesty spring feel.

With such an energizing and healthy product, invite your friends and family to enjoy a spread with a selection of pecorino cheese, asparagus cream, Pane Carasau and a crisp glass of our Sparkling Palmi.


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190g jar
Asparagus, capers, anchovies (fish), italian lettuce, seed oil, onion, extra virgin olive oil, pepper, chili pepper.
Anchovies (FISH)

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