Artisan Hand-Crafted Cork Boards


Why not add something fancy to your home? Our hand-crafted leaf shape cork boards are a beautiful forever piece to add some rustic décor to your home as cork products have a life span of 150 years. But they aren’t just a pretty piece, they are functional too! Ideal for serving a range of our cured meats, pecorino cheese, music paper bread and vegetables in oil. Or have it out all year round for a lovely display or as a fruit bowl.




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Cork is a natural and sustainable material used for 1000’s of years. Cork oak trees grow in abundance in the north west of Sardinia and the bark is stripped every ten years leaving the tree intact to grow again. Our Artisan cork boards are easy to clean, just like a plate simply wipe it down and leave to dry. Crafted by Sardinian artisans each one is unique in design and perfect to add a touch of the Mediterranean countryside to your home. 

Approx. 600m x 250mm


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