Torrone alle Nocciole 80g


There’s no sweet treat that compares to our torrone alle mandorle. It’s crunchy, chewy and melt-in-the-mouth all at the same time! If you enjoy nougat but somehow can’t find a version of it that matches up to your memories of years gone by, you’ll simply love our traditional torrone. 

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It’s made by artisans using the finest hazelnuts and honey. These, along with the whites of fresh eggs (and a lot of knowledge!) are transformed with skill into one of Sardinia’s most famous products. 

Torrone alle nocciole is a sweet that’s traditionally associated with the great festivals of the year such as Christmas, which wouldn’t be the same without torrone. The brown of the toasted nuts in the creamy white of the nougat lets everyone in the family know that Christmas is here. 

Crisply wrapped torrone makes a lovely gift at any time of year. If you’re planning on buying some for presents, we recommend that you order plenty to treat yourself, too.


Data sheet

80g bar
Honey (49%), Almonds (49%), Egg Whites (1%), Host (1%)(potato starch, water, olive oil)
Hazelnuts (NUTS), (EGG)

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