Sardinian Cheesecakes - pack of 2 150g


Formagella, or Sardinian cheesecake, is a sweet treat traditionally eaten at Easter- however it’s so delicious we think you should enjoy it all year round!

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Formagella - Sardinian Cheesecakes - pack of 2

To create this rich dessert, our bakers use the island’s special produce to bake a light, crumbly pastry shaped somewhat like a basket with crimped edges. This is then filled with a creamy filling made from soft sheep’s milk cheese, eggs, sugar, and grated orange peel. Finally the dessert is baked till golden brown. Each part of the island has its own recipe; in some areas it’s very popular to add sultanas or raisins, particularly in the north of Sardinia. We especially love the little formagelle with sultanas! Favourite flavourings and spices may be added too, depending on the region or family recipe.

Formagelle are also known as “casadinas” or “pardulas”.

Whichever name you may choose, they are delicious hot or cold and all year round!


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150g approx
Flour, sheeps milk cheese, sugar, lard, sultanas, eggs.

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