Organic Vegan Carob Spread 200g


If you’re a lover of hazelnut and chocolate spread you will love our guilt free, dairy free, organic carob spread. 

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Dairy free spread - Organic Vegan Carob Spread

Carob is a widely cultivated evergreen native to the Mediterranean and greatly appreciated for its edible pods. Naturally high in fibre and no caffeine, it's ideal for those who suffer with high blood pressure and the low sugar and fat content also makes it a great chocolate substitution. The sweetness of carob and the unmistakable flavour of hazelnuts is what makes this vegan spread so delightfully tasty.

Excellent to use for breakfast on toast, in desserts or maybe you’re just looking to add something healthier to the kids packed lunch. 

Made with only high-quality organic ingredients and ideal for those with dairy intolerances. Naturally sweetened with agave syrup for a moment of healthy pleasure this spread is set to become the new way to enjoy a sweet creamy delicacy.


Data sheet

200g jar
hazelnut paste * 25%, sunflower oil *, agave *, carob * 17%, rice flour *, fructose, cocoa butter *, sunflower lecithin * *ORGANIC PRODUCT
Hazelnut (NUTS).

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