Croccante alle Nocciole 100g


At Isola Buona we invite you to try the traditional candied roasted hazelnut brittle … Croccante.

A typical sweet prepared at home by mother and grandmothers over the festive season. 



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Croccante is a confection typically made of two simple ingredients: nuts and sugar. After the nuts have been roasted and the sugar caramelised to perfection the nuts are stirred through, laid on baking parchment and left to cool and harden before becoming one of the favourite home sweets.

The name Croccante derives from the verb “croccare” which means to crack owing to the sound the caramel brittle makes when bitten into and snapped off. 

Although the origins of Croccante is disputed, it’s never argued that the presence of this timeless confection in the home represents and honours the home baking of Italian women over thousands of years. When it comes to Italian food most people set the bar with the homecooked close-chest recipes of their “Nonna”, Grandmother. It’s safe to say festive seasons just aren’t the same without these time-honoured treats.


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Hazelnuts, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Natural Vanilla Flavouring
Hazelnut (NUTS)

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