Organic Thistle Honey 250g


One of the most popular types of honey from Sardinia is that of the Cardoon plant also known as thistles. Sardinia’s rich soils host over 300 varieties of cardoon all from the sunflower family. 

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Most popular sardinian honey - Organic Thistle Honey

Generous rains from the late winter months help to develop these symbolic and strong plants in the spring and summer. These thistles have been used for centuries not just for honey production but in fact, used instead of animal rennet to produce particular local cheese or stored in oil to be eaten. 

The Cardoon represents the strong bond between the farmers of Sardinia and their ancient land. 

This honey appears an amber colour but lighter when crystalized. Bursting with strong aromas and a rustic sweetness and a slight sour bitterness, this organic honey is a brilliant accompaniment to many of our stronger pecorinos like our Pecorino Fiore Sardo.

Pop open a jar with a board or pecorinos and Pane Carasau for a refreshingly indulgent sharing board on a warm day.


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250g jar
100% organic honey
Free from allergens

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