Organic Sugar Free Strawberry Jam 320g


Strawberry jam must be one on the most beloved products across the nation. From toast to sandwiches and cream teas we know how much the UK loves it’s strawberry jam. 



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Our hand selected organic strawberry jam is all the sweetness and natural freshness of the Mediterranean you’ve been searching for. Gluten free, organic and sugar free this jewel of nature is sweetened with agave making it the healthiest staple store cupboard item on our shelves.

Made from only the ripest sun kissed strawberries hand-picked from unspoilt Italian soil and free from artificial colours and aromas, our organic strawberry jam will add that extra integrity to all you jammy desserts and best of all there’s no more guilt after a plentiful helping of this delightful jam in your sandwiches or on toast. Start the day the natural way.

Why not make the most of its versatility by picking up a pack of our “00” biscuit and cake flour with a jar of our strawberry jam and make the most of Italy’s fresh fruits with the best of British traditional treats.


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320g jar
Strawberries * 60%, agave syrup * 33%, gelling agent: pectin; acidity regulator: citric acid * from organic farming
Free from allergens

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