Organic Sugar Free Orange Jam 320g


No fruit tastes better than one organically grown from the pristine soils of Italy in the Mediterranean sun. 

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Hand picked and produced with no added sugar, artificial colours or aromas; our organic orange jam is the new way to enjoy marmalade whilst maintaining the integrity of the zesty flavours. 

The ideal choice to start your morning the natural way and spread on toast or open a jar for lunch. This naturally sweetened jam is a fabulous companion for our semi-mature pecorino cheeses thinly sliced on a sheet of our pane Carasau. 

For some of you one taste of our organic orange jam might spark the baker within, so why not pick up a pack of our superfine “00” cakes and biscuit flour to create some delicious baked goods for all your friends and family to enjoy. We know marmalade is no stranger to the UK kitchens and this jam is ready to become an essential in your home. 


Data sheet

320g jar
Agave syrup * 53%, oranges with peel in pieces * 40%, gelling agent: pectins * from organic farming
Free from allergens

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