Organic Mediterranean Wildflower Honey 250g


Why not bring home a jar of Sardinian summer with our organic Mediterranean wildflower Honey?  Sardinia’s ancient landscape varies from season to season. From the early months of spring to the tropical summer the ancient territories are taken over by a botanical rainbow of Mediterranean shrub and wildflowers.



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These unspoilt lands show off the natural cycle of life in Sardinia including the organic production of honey from these fragrant blossoms. 

Depending on the rainfall of the winter months, each artisanal jar reflects the climate of seasons past. Rosemary, Thistle and Lavender are just a handful of prevailing characters taking centre stage in this honey. 

Each wildflower contributes a unique essence and proudly represents itself in the battle to reign over the untouched wild lands. With a blend of blossoms, this is the true taste of Sardinia and our organic Mediterranean wildflower honey is a fusion of aromas from the warm seasons and always a perfectly refreshing accompaniment to any dish.


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250g jar
100% organic honey
Free from allergens

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