Sardinia is the blue zone of Italy
Sardinia is an island of centenarians. The quality of Sardinian food is one of our secrets that makes us a blue zone
D. H. Lawrence
Sardinia. This land looks like no other place.
We love Sardinian and Italian food
Isola Buona selects the best of Sardinian and Italian food for you
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Sardinia is an island of centenarians. The quality of Sardinian food is one of our secrets that makes us a blue zone

Traditional Sardinian food has a history deeply linked to the biodiversity of its territory which, together with the lifestyle of its inhabitants, makes Sardinia an island with the longest living population in the world. The only Italian blue zone and one of only five recognised..

The climatic and orographic peculiarity of the Sardinian territory, characterized by local plant essences and autochthonous animal species such as Sardinian sheep, helps to create a nutritional model based on the Mediterranean diet which makes it unique in the world.

Sardinian cuisine has peasant and agro pastoral origins essentially based on roasted meats, wine, fish, seafood, seasonal vegetables, olive oil, herbs and wild plants and aromatic essences such as myrtle and wild fennel. Sardinia also showcases a variety of traditional types of bread such as pane Carasau and pane Guttiau famous all over the world for their friability and lightness.

The Sardinian agri-food chain also boasts a very important activity of transformation. The maturing of dairy products, especially in the fresh or seasoned cheese sector such as ricotta and pecorino, but also in the meat sector with a rich variety of cured meats, cooked hams and fish products that gifts our senses with the unique taste of mullet bottarga; delicious both as a finishing touch or featured ingredient to enrich delicate appetizers and revitalizing meals.

A handful of our Sardinian and Italian delights

Pasta is also one of the most precious basic elements of Sardinian cuisine, as well as Italian. In addition to Spaghetti and Penne, do you already know Malloreddus, Rigatoni, Paccheri and Fregula? All strictly made from the finest durum wheat semolina!

Discover Sardinian pasta in our shop and have fun with original recipes composed by our chef Antonello and above all learn how to combine them with the artisanal Italian sauces proposed in our packs. Did you know that with Isola Buona sauces you can create delicious dishes in mere minutes? Try the classic tomato sauce with basil or our organic sauces such as vegan pesto, artichoke and walnut or truffle paste for a truly seasonal and handmade sensation.

Welcome to Isola Buona “The Good Island"

We are a family business based in Newhaven with a passion for Sardinian food born from the love for our island of origin. For us, Isola Buona represents the best of Sardinia, the best to eat and experience.

We believe food is not only nourishment but also culture of conviviality and a lifestyle of healthy nutrition. Above all we value the pleasure of eating organically, naturally and with integrity.
Praising our Italian coffee, flatbreads and other sweet and savoury delicacies, some have called us the “hidden gem of Newhaven”. We pride ourselves on the chance to satisfy our local customers with helpful service and the opportunity to endorse the magical food culture of Sardinia and the Mediterranean in East Sussex.
We define ourselves as a close-knit team with a great passion for our work.

Sardinian food is not just nourishment: it is a sensory experience

Did you know that in Newhaven there is a gastronomical destination where you can taste the authentic delicacies of Sardinia?

Isola Buona is also a supplier and deli serving hot drinks, wines, lunches, platters and retailing our exquisite range of products.

The lucky ones who already know our Isola Buona store in Newhaven already know Antonello’s gastronomic specialities: appetizers, desserts and a dazzling range of imaginative and traditional dishes.
As our chef director, Antonello is delighted to share the secrets of Sardinian cuisine and to give advice on flavour pairing, so we have dedicated a section of our website to the tastiest video recipes of Isola Buona for everyone to have a go.

You can find all the ingredients in our online shop with product packs carefully selected for each recipe including a large variety of organic products.

Have fun and enjoy your meal by Antonello, Salvatore and Lucia.

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